Basic Development Enviornment setting on Linux Mint-15

1. For Nvidia (I have GT640 card)
Do not install the current-stable version but go for the latest [I installed nvidia-settings-310-updates]
2. For Emacs
The way I prefer (to facilitate organized dev structure as well):

1. Create two folders dev and appUtils (I have the same in my office dev pc)

2. Keep all the external “modes” into the appUtils->EmacsExternal folder

First things sudo apt-get install emacs-goodies.el

Second thing – setup install-package.el (Very important for later uses )

Third thing change theme (Otherwise I don’t feel like working 😦 )

3.  For development:

wxPython: Follow this link :

in place of package [This might change when we have the actual package for ubuntu 13.04 with us]

    # wxWidgets/wxPython repository at
    deb natty-wx main
    deb-src natty-wx main

Get git(Svn whatever you like I like git)


1. cd dev

2. git init

3. sudo apt-get install xclip && ssh-keygen && xclip -sel clip < ~/.ssh/

4. git clone xyz@github/orwhatever-name-of-repo

Add Aliases and other time saving commands to the .bashrc
———————bashrc starts here——————————-

export EDITOR=emacs
alias l='ls'
# long listing of ls
alias ll='ls -l'
# colors and file types
alias lf='ls -CF'
# sort by filename extension
alias lx='ls -lXB'
# sort by size
alias lk='ls -lSr'
# show hidden files
alias la='ls -A'
# sort by date
alias lt='ls -ltr'
# replace history with h
alias h='history'
# ignore common commands
export HISTIGNORE=":pwd:id:uptime:resize:ls:clear:history:"
# ignore duplicate entries
export HISTCONTROL=ignoredups #args are ignoredups, ignorespace or ignoreboth
# control the size of the history file
export HISTSIZE=100000
export HISTFILESIZE=409600


Overzelous lamba usage

Was looking through a video on programming languages and realized I am also overusing lambdas sometimes when they are obsolutely not required. (Why you want to differentiate? -> because that’s the building block for writing elegant and clean scripts)

example of my own codes (From certain problems)

foldl (\x acc -&gt; x + acc) acc alist
--while this should be definitely written as
foldl (+) acc alist
--and moreover if you are just using some standard list then better to use
sum alist